Redskins Patent DOA? How About These Alternatives?

Now that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially cancelled the patent on the Washington Redskins' name through a whopping 99 page decision by the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (Ninety Nine pages? Really?), this opens the door for many new opportunities for the Redskins organization. For instance, they… » 6/23/14 4:37am 6/23/14 4:37am

Meet Silk Road's Alleged Drug Lord: A 29-year-old California Geek

The owner of the underground drug market Silk Road was a 29-year-old Libertarian engineer living in San Francisco raking in over $80 million in 2 years, according to the indictment revealed today. Who is the man behind the biggest underground drug market, and how did he get caught? The indictment lays out a detailed… » 10/03/13 3:10am 10/03/13 3:10am

Government shutdown ongoing coverage: Day 4 (updating...)

Four days and the most powerful country in the world is still frozen with no end in sight. Your representatives in DC keep slinging turds at each other, but nobody seems to be doing anything to solve the situation manufactured by some demented Republicans. Here's all our coverage of the ongoing clusterfuck so far. » 10/03/13 3:03am 10/03/13 3:03am

Turn an Old, Broken Laptop Into an All-In-One Desktop PC

If you've got an old laptop around that's seen better days, you can do a lot to repurpose it—or you can just turn it into an all-in-one desktop like DIYer Oak Kar. » 9/30/13 5:44am 9/30/13 5:44am